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Written by Tara Lynn Thompson in the April 2017 Issue

This is as close to eating from your backyard as you can get. Unless, of course, you eat from your backyard.

The 2017 Edmond Farmer’s Market, Saturdays from 8am to 1pm at Festival Market Place, opens April 15. Local vendors in Edmond and around the area will be bringing a variety of fresh foods and produce, products and pastries, all to invigorate your palate, your health, and your pleasure.

Edmond Farmer's Market

Wine - Chapel Creek Winery

Indulge in the sweet robustness of home with any of the eight Chapel Creek Wines made from 100% Oklahoma grown grapes.

Why Stop By?

A one ounce wine sample is available and the flavor changes every week. Top sellers include white zinfandel and peach chardonnay.

Pastries - Granny Had One Catering

These are the pies grandma use to make. From the strawberry rhubarb to the bumble berry, these 9-inch round perfections will taste just like childhood.

Why Stop By?

Granny Had One Catering also sells a wide-variety of fruit pies, sweet breakfast breads, homemade cookies, raw honey, farm fresh eggs, and produce from the family farm in Guthrie.

Salsa - Dream Catcher Farm

You like it hot? We’ll see. Dee Sporn makes her fresh, homemade, gourmet Mamma Dee’s salsa in four flavors - mild, medium, pretty hot, and you asked for it. Also known as Jr.’s Super Duper Hot. 

Why stop by?

You can try your hand and your taste buds with free salsa samples before deciding how bold you want to go.

Pasta - Tall Girl Specialty Pasta

Add some garlic and olive oil and this pasta is ready to go. It’s so good, it speaks for itself. Sauces not required.

Why stop by?

The top three sellers are cracked pepper, garlic, and lemon basil. These pastas define “made by hand.” The spinach is sauted and the lemons are squeezed and grated by hand.

Produce - Healthy Living Farm

Vegetable lovers will find a broad, expansive variety of naturally-grown produce. It’s the crop rotation from the variety, says Toni Dennis, owner of Healthy Living Farm, that provides pest management without the need for praying and chemicals.

Why stop by?

While shopping for seasonal produce, you can also buy potted plants, flowers, and colorful flower bouquets.

Dead Coyote Hill Garden

Whole. Natural. Simple. Fresh. This is the spirit of Dead Coyote Hill Gardens. It’s in the produce and even in the unofficial but often repeated motto, ‘We grow real food for real people,’ according to Marilyn Barton, owner.

Why stop by?

Mara Des Bois Strawberry plants, which produce           some of the most flavorful and fragrant fruit, are also available to buy.

Milk - Marak Family Farm

Good to start your day, end it, or quench your thirst at any point in between, Marak Family Farm’s non-homogenized, low-temperature pasteurized whole milk comes straight from the pasture fed cows to your refrigerator.

Why stop by?

If you want tomatoes or purple potatoes from Marak Family Farm, you have to get there early. The Better Boys, Early Girls, Jet Star, Big Boys, and Supersweet 100 cherry tomatoes often sell out before the market opens.

Flowers - Renrick Farming Gardens

Your butterflies and bees will love these flowers. Renrick Farming Gardens specializes in natural grown perennial plants, which will not harm your property’s pollinators. They grow between 400 and 500 different perennials, offering various types of your favorite flowers.

Why stop by?

You can dress up your dining room table with a bouquet of cut flowers or add greenery to your doorways and windows with aloe vera house plants, all are also available.

Bread - Bovarian Pretzels

German bakers have been using these techniques for thousands of years. It takes patience, time, expertise, and a passion for creating flavor. Try European style bread, with a focus on German, and experience the artistry for yourself.

Why stop by?

Samples of breads are available for everyone interested. Other offeringsinclude ready-made sandwiches, using artisan bread, along with imported anddomestically-made meats and cheeses, as well as decadent pastries.

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